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Our consulting services help you assess your current infrastructure, evaluate Cloud Service Providers, determine which Cloud Services you need, and provide recommendations on Cloud Migration.

Our Cloud Consultants collaborate on strategic and technological solutions that ensure you’re driving maximum value from the cloud.

If you’re currently held back by legacy IT systems or strategy, turning to Cloud technology could be the solution. A recent McKinsey study suggests that large enterprises are likely to have 60% of their environment in the cloud by 2025 – and with the scalability, efficiency, agility, and cost savings the cloud offers, it’s easy to see why.

Our consultants leverage cross-domain expertise, partnerships with cloud providers, and Agile software delivery processes to accelerate your Cloud journey – whether you’re about to migrate or want to optimize existing processes. Our detailed IT audits and Cloud roadmaps are Cloud-agnostic and infra-agnostic to allow for flexible implementation across on-premise, hybrid, multi, or specific cloud environments.

Our offerings

Review Cloud Strategy and Landscape

We offer comprehensive Cloud landscape reviews, starting by defining objectives, prioritizing new initiatives and developing a comprehensive and actionable strategy.

Architecture Review

We assess your existing Cloud environment to identify gaps and opportunities, covering infrastructure, applications, data, security, governance, and compliance. .

Cloud Migration Strategy

We help our clients develop a Cloud strategy that aligns with their objectives and addresses the identified gaps and opportunities. This involves defining the target state architecture, selecting the right Cloud platform, developing a migration plan, and defining the governance and operations model.