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Transactional Bulk SMS Service

Delivering quality information quickly to the customer is the basic business requirement today. Transactional bulk SMS service makes it possible to do it conveniently and efficiently. Moreover, it is automated and can be sent round the clock. This template-based SMS service is flexible and user-friendly. It is possible to create multiple templates for the same. You hire the services and get ready to avail the incredible benefit of transactional bulk SMS.


You can send SMS to DND numbers as well

You can deliver the information urgently and instantly

It is possible to send transactional SMS anytime during the day unlike promotional SMS

You get Push Delivery Report

Our services are the best in the class

The process of sending transactional bulk SMS is simple and fast. Being the best service provider in the niche, we make it further convenient. You can send an important notification to your customers, clients, or even to the public. Today, all customer-centric organizations are using it for customer convenience. Why should you lag behind when everyone else is using advanced technical tools? With 24x7 delivery and support, the ability to deliver on DND numbers, and predefined template usage, we offer the smart and user-friendly transactional SMS service to you. We use multiple SMS gateways that get assigned to all clients automatically, and we do not charge anything for the setup cost.